Sunday, May 8, 2011

Show Off The Best of Your Town


Want to show off the best of your town? This invitation is to all the residents of the north Palouse region south of Spokane, Washington. Each region has a special ambience that neighbors and visitors enjoy, and the Palouse region is no exception. Yet each community and town has its unique appeal.

Whether the surrounding area is home or you are just passing through, the land and terrain are powerful influences, just like the weather and travel routes. The inhabitants and their activities, like a magician's wand, meld those into a unique whole that becomes a memorable experience.

Please participate and show off the best of your community or town.

Send your news by e-mail or by submitting a link to your blog ~~ your interactive-link news to (remove spaces). (*See CONTACT & SUBMIT page,

I prefer blogs, however if you cannot send news via a blog ~~ feel free to send it in an e-mail to newstnpw @ (remove spaces). Be sure to include your name and phone number in case I have questions.

A blog is an always available personalized newspaper, bulletin board, magazine, brochure, flyer, or whatever you want it to be:
An electronic venue where you promote your organization or business in positive ways, not only to members or customers, but as an enhancement for the north Palouse regional image. 
Requirements and restrictions:
  1. Each business, organization or person may create and maintain a blog on which they submit news, views, advertisements, or comments, and they take full legal responsibility for its contents.
  2. The content or POST on the submitted blog is limited to one topic at a time. I.e.  Delete previous posts and all links on your blog before submitting your TITLE and URL tp be published on the HOME page to alert readers to the subject in your blog  ~~ or interactive-linked news.
  3. Blogs will be accepted from residents of the north Palouse region and also from visitors. Contributors under the age of 18 must include their age in their e-mailed submission.
  4. Pornography ~~ and any blog that contains a link other than an app ~~ is prohibited.
Please take advantage of this opportunity ~~ create your blog so your news and views get published the way you want them. People in other towns, states and countries are reading The North Palouse Washington e-Newscast now. is only one of many that offer free blogs. Create one and use it wisely and to good advantage. By sending me your news and views you will be a valued interactive-link contributor to The North Palouse Washington e-Newscast, (See CONTENTS & SUBMIT page.)

Residents, businesses and organizations in the Palouse region can send classified advertisements via their blog to be published free.

Statistics show that having a 'web presence' – a blog – enhances your influence on the world around you.

  • Stories about the projects undertaken by your members (or business) promote awareness.
  • Magnifies the positive impact of people and events.
  • Google provides tools (called apps) to let you customize your blog in many ways. For example, you provide options to directly interact with your audience at your discretion.
  • How you use a blog becomes a part of the ambience of your town and of the north Palouse region.
Mona Vanek, Editor
newstnpw @
(spaces are inserted in the e-mail address to reduce spam, so please just remove them.)

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