Monday, May 7, 2012

May - 100th Anniversary of Marine Corps Aviation

Technically speaking, the following is an advertisement -- however since every town has at least one veteran who has returned home, and perhaps also war-heros who are recovering at Walter Reed Hospital, I believe this warrants a Front Page story. MarineMoms-Bethesda send a monthly newsletter to anyone who wishes to recieve it. The following is excerpted from the May newsletter.


I hope today finds everyone well and happy!

Did you know May is the 100th Anniversary of Marine Corps Aviation? Read about it at Marine Aviation Centennial.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the United States Marine Corps AIR WING from Marine Moms-Bethesda!

Our deepest THANKS go out to our Supporters who help Marine Moms-Bethesda bring touches and comforts of home through our luncheons to the patients, families and often the staff who care for them at Walter Reed and Richmond VA Medical Center.

They appreciate “something different” in the way of food when they are eating cafeteria or fast food every day. “Niftie-gifties”, little things like CDs, books, quilts, pillowcases, cards, the “Notes 4 Bethesda” are also appreciated because these small gestures of good thoughts and kindness are letting them know people are thinking of them.

Our normal day to day life goes on. Their’s does not. They have entered a world of doctors, surgeries and more surgeries, wound cleansing, lab work, IV tubes, and oh so much more. Then comes the process of rehabilitation – prosthetic fittings, learning to walk again, physical therapy, doctors appointments, and learning how to cope with their “new normal”. Your support is deeply appreciated.
One of the most satisfying things for us to see is when a wounded Warrior or a family member comes in to our luncheon, perhaps not in the best of moods, and leaves with a big smile on their face! YOU have helped to brighten their day! Thank You!!!
Update:  ***  Annual Quilt Raffle:
Thank you, Bayside Quilters of Easton, MD for you generous donation of this year’s gorgeous raffle quilt, “Stars and Bars Forever”! Our Annual Quilt Raffle has begun! We know you will be pleased with this year’s choice! “Stars and Bars Forever” measures 52" x 66", Chris and Jane made the top, and Cindy and Beth hand quilted it.

Tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00. 100% of the funds raised directly support our luncheons at Walter Reed and Mercy Hall. Checks or money orders should be made out to “Marine Moms Bethesda” and may be mailed to:

Marine Moms Bethesda
P.O. Box 22
Cordova, MD 21625

More information about the raffle is here.

Every quilt has a story and the story behind making “Stars and Bars Forever” is here.

***Note Request:
We will be on 4 East Sunday, May 20th and are collecting encouragement and support notes for the wounded, injured and ill combat patients.

We will print them out and hand deliver them on your behalf during the luncheon. More information including deadline dates for the notes may be found here.

***We’ve Expanded Again! Yesterday we hosted our first luncheon on the Traumatic Brain Injury Ward at Walter Reed.

Thank you Katie, Jillian and Mary for your help! Special thanks to the Doctors, Nurses and Corpsmen we met who take such good care of the patients and families there and who helped us set up and pack up. We enjoyed meeting everyone and are looking forward to coming back again!
***YES THERE IS HELP! Did you know our website provides links to help for wounded Warriors and their families? There are also links in the sidebar.
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Until next time, continued prayers for our military and their families.

Love and Hugs,

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