Thursday, July 7, 2011

Invitation to Palouse Regional Candidates

The 2011 Primary election date is the 3rd Tuesday in August, little more than a month away, on August 16, 2011. Each candidate who has filed for an office, including incumbent candidates and anyone who plans to be a write-in-candidate for an elected office is invited to send his or her views to the Editor at to be published. (Residence in one of the north Palouse towns required. *See TOWNS page.)

Recent circulation figures show that The North Palouse Washington e-Newscast has steadily gained a following of readers interested in the Palouse region. If you are a candidate will you help them know their candidates by accepting this invitation to share your views and expectations for the office you seek?  If you know a candidate, will you share this invitation with them?

Readers will be interested in the following: 
  • What are the duties of the office you want?
  • In what priority do rank the duties?
  • Are you the incumbent? (For how long?)
  • Is there something you especially hope to accomplish while in office?
  • Include your background, CV, bio or resume.
  • Also include whatever else you'd like voters to know.
Write up to about 500 or so words and e-mail (or publish your views in a blog and send the link)  to:*Adhere to CONTACT/SUBMIT page restrictions and please put CANDIDATE in your email SUBJECT: line.)

The resulting series of 'candidate feature' articles, published (or linked) on FRONT page, will encourage voting by informed electors.

A candidate forum is planned at McIntosh Grange, Rockford, WA, and will be announced this week, according to Grange member, Kathy Creed.

FAQ provides election information here, Elections FAQ

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