Sunday, June 2, 2013

What & When is National Bike Week?

After Joanna M. Weston shared her poem today, "Bike Week" published at WillowTree, I wondered if the event was a Canadian or worldwide tradition and when and where else is it honored?

Begun as a yearly international event, Bike Week steadily gained popularity in North American cities over the past decade. However, in the U.S., May is recognized as Bike Month and Bike Week is always either the first or second week of May. Austin, Boston, Pasadena, Portland, Roseville, Santa Barbara, Sacramento, and San Francisco are among the US cities that actively participate.

However, National Bike Week takes place from June 15th to 23rd across Ireland. Focused on bicycle riding, Bike Week is not to be confused with motorcyle riding events, which pop up all over the Internet. When one researches "Bike Week" Bike Week at Datona, Myrtle Beach, etc.

Although the month of May is past when residents in the United State celebrate the event, bicycle enthusiast will find a wealth of information at Bay States, MA, including tips on planning events and bicycle saftey.

The "Bike Week" described in Weston's charming poem is worldwide, and including it here can lead readers to other spinoffs of a great activity.