Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Birding with a Kid with Brain Cancer at Blue Lyra Reveiw

Usually the stories offered here are local or Palouse regional in nature, and today I'd planned to introduce you to the following  two writers who impress me, and who are also fellow members of the writing list, Internet Writing Workshop.

Adrienne Ross Scanlan: Birding with a Kid with Brain Cancer,” is a guest post at Shannon Huffman Polson's, A Border Life blog and website (http://tinyurl.com/bbvtagf), Blue Lyra Review's first issue of 2013 is now up and running! Take a look at http://bluelyrareview.com/issue-2-1/

Gary E. Presley, An essay including Freud, knives, Japan, France, and other people and places ... http://bluelyrareview.com/gary-presley.

However, you'll also find a treasure-trove of excellent writing in each month's IWW Members' Publishing Successes here when you scroll down, http://internetwritingworkshop.blogspot.com/.