Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hangman Creek Chamber of Commerce February Meeting at Fredneck's Saloon & Beanery,

Hangman Creek Chamber of Commerce  meeting, February 14, 2013, 11:30 am, will be at the newest Chamber member in Rockford, Fredneck's Saloon & Beanery. Members are encouraged to show support for newest member, and bring a friend, guest, and/or new member to lunch.

Hangman Creek Chamber of Commerce includes and promotes Fairfield, Latah, Mica, Rockford, Spangle, Valleyford and Waverly.

The Membership Committee reminded members,
"We are ALL advertisers now. The success of the Hangman Creek Chamber of Commerce is up to YOU! Membership drive is by 'word of mouth.'"
In January, the Chamber initiated highlighting a business each month. Starting with new members, Farmhouse Pizza and Fredneck's Saloon & Beanery, 'Business-of-the-Month' recognition went to Farmhouse Pizza, in Rockford, Wash., which sold 36 Pizzas on their opening day, December 31, 2012 - New Year's Eve.

Owner, Sheila McCormick, and her husband, Jeff, and 3 boys have lived in Rockford for six years. Sheila wanted to do something to contribute to the family income, so they stepped out of their comfort level and really come up with a great addition to Rockford and the area.

Sheila makes great pizza dough from scratch! They have all the usual toppings (except anchovies-so if you want those, buy a jar at the grocery store!!) The Pizza's  and Breadsticks are great; six Breadsticks and pizza dipping sauce for $3. They have Personal, Medium and Large sizes, baked onsite in about 8-10 minutes, or 'Take 'N Bake' and do it yourself! Stop by the Farmhouse Pizza Shop on the corner of Emma and 1st to pick up yours. Phone number is: 509-291-3269.

Chamber 2013 officers are, Linda Thomas - President, Ken Fuchs - Past President, Bev Bergstrom - Treasurer . Vivian Plank-Vice-President, Sharyle Croswhite - Director Chamber. Secretary needs a volunteer.

Members Linda Thomas, Vivian Plank, Mary-Lou Benson, Tom Sawyer, Sharyle Croswhite, Bev Bergstrom, Randy Russell, Lynn Schafer attended the January meeting. Farmhouse Pizza owner was not able to come to the meeting. She was making Pizzas.

Hangman Creek Chamber of Commerce Blood Bank Fund units are being used. The Fund has about 45 pints available. They expire in 1 year, 2-3 pints each month are lost. Contact Ken Fuchs, Fairfield, @ 283-2124 or 283-2364 first so he can OK it if anyone you know of anyone in the area who needs blood donated to them.

Bloodmobile - Donate Blood anytime Fund. Sign up on the INBC website, Come see technology work! Rules have changed and they use a tablet for questionnaire.

Erin, our new Area Coordinator for INBC,vwill schedule three Blood Drives in 2013. The first drive is scheduled March 26th: Fairfield - morning, Rockford - afternoon.

Their goal hasn't been met for the last few years. With 500 and 600 people in Rockford and Fairfield and at least that many in Member towns, more people are needed to donate blood.

Over the years, friendly competition has existed, however now in order to get the Bloodmobile to come, chamber members are urged to get serious and find those wonderful people that will donate. A brainstorming session produced ideas such as a drawing for a Dinner for Two, or what kind of donations could be gotten. And who might be willing to donate to a Basket full of goodies for the drawing winner?

Contact these chamber members if you wish to contribute: 

  • Fairfield, Ken Fuchs @ 283-2124 or 283-2364
  • Rockford, Vivian Plank 892-4412
  • Liberty ASB, Diana Harrington 624-4415
  • Freeman ASB, call the Blood Center (509) 624-0151 or (800) 423-0151.
Lynn Schafer, webmaster, reported that area advertisements are live at Hangman Creek Chamber of Commerce. 
Lynn made it easy for members to keep their website information current. To provide Schafer with updates and information in their communities for the website pages, members email the 'Contact Us' from the website . Also, send URL and email addresses for members that haven't yet listed their business.

Recognizing the importance of keeping the website updated, Lynn was congratulated for doing an excellent job.

New Comers Dessert - 3X5 cards are at Town Halls and Post Offices for new people to fill out so the chamber can call and make appointments to deliver their 'New Comers Bags and Invitations to the Dessert. Welcome Bag items are donated by area businesses who bring them to a Chamber meeting, or deliver items to Bev Bergstrom at the Fairfield Branch Library, Fairfield, or to Vivian at Banner Bank, Rockford.

The event will be scheduled for May at the Fairfield Community Center. Cheryl Loeffler said it would be great, and plans will be set at the February 14, 2013 meeting at Fredneck's Saloon and Beanery in Rockford. Members will bring food for their "Food From the Heart Food Drive". Consideration of a fundraiser is on also the agenda.

The Chamber's contestant for the South East Spokane County Fair Royalty will be chosen in January or February because the Coronation will be in March/April in 2013. The chaperone will also be determined.

Randy Russell and Laura Hamma at Freeman and Bill Motsenbocker at Liberty, plus Fair President Wayne Schull and former President Micki Harnois and Kris Pettibone were contacted for a list of candidates.

Also discussed were Chamber brochures, and high school student scholarships for Freeman School District (Committee member Randy Russell) and Liberty School District (Committee member Bill Motsenbocker.)

The Chamber participates in area parades, including Fairfield Flag Day, South East Spokane County Fair, Spangle, Valleyford, Tekoa, Rosalia and possibly Valleyfest, which focuses attention on area businesses.

The Chamber hopes to send items of interest for publication to Current Magazine, Valley Herald, The Pacific Northwest Inlander, Valleyford Clarion, The North Palouse Washington eNewscast, and other media venues.