Sunday, January 8, 2012

Spokane Schools Go Green! -- Announcement of a Competition

Freeman HS Scottie Weekly News, January 6, 2012, announced:

 "Did you know:
  • 99% of all clothing is recyclable?"
  • 70% of all clothing is thrown away and ends up in our landfills.
"Go Green is intended to teach students, and offer them a rewarding opportunity. If they participate they can raise money for their school.

 The announcement  says, "Average money raised per school is $96 per month/$1152 per year!"

Spokane Textile Clothing Recycling Competition

"The school that prevents the most clothing from ending up in the landfill will receive a dollar for dollar match from Spokane Textile! (This is based on weight and will take place from September to June.) For example, Raise $1152 per school year and Spokane will match it making your total $2304.

  • Donation homes will be checked NO LESS THAN ONCE A WEEK and there is a 24 hour/7days a week hotline to prevent overlow
  • Homes will be maintained in a satisfactory condition for both structural appearance and cleanliness within 10 feet.
  • Spokane Textile will remove items that are left on or around the donation homes within one hour of receiving a phone call
  • In the event you are not satisfied with our agreement, per your request, we will remove the home within 48 hours.
  • Spokane Textile maintains current liability insurance at all times.

*A Spokane Textile Recycling bin is located at The Freeman Store.
"The more we recycle, the more we get back! Becci Carlson, Marketing Manager, (509) 714-3778;"

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