Sunday, November 27, 2011

On Sacred Grounds a Coffee Shop? No, no. It is Much, Much More!

Elaine Rising created a unique experience she laughingly dubs "For the Rural Elite." The recent eye-catching expansion of On Sacred Grounds - Coffee and More, on her lots at 12212 E Palouse Hwy., Valleyford, Wash., entices curious travelers to stop to investigate.

Step through the red door into an inviting foyer, where cases of collectible jewelry, bookshelves specializing in hard-to-find books, quality paintings and wall decorations vie with the unique handcrafted floor tile for your attention. Customers  are charmed by the display of Piece by Peace Custom Jewelry, designed by Tony Bell.

It would be hard to imagine any display distracting your eye for very long from Nikki Moberg's breathtaking designer floor-tile creation, especially made for OSG.

Linger for a while in the little foyer; relax in the cozy wing chair, while you absorb the peaceful atmosphere. Boot your laptop computer if you wish, and download and watch a movie. Or purchase one of the movies available on CD.

Enter the coffee shop proper through the open doorway in front of you, where a myriad of delectable beverages tempt you to order at the counter. Or pause; scan book titles on the rack against the wall as you continue toward the beckoning window-walled area. Maybe the bookstands at the end of the coffee bar will entice you to one of the high stools at that counter, if you don't fancy taking your pick from red-checker-cloth covered tables by one of three large paned-windows.

Place your order, but expect to choose from not just any coffee. Select from a variety of taste-tempting beverages. On Sacred Grounds also serves muffins, cookies, pastry, breakfast and lunch sandwiches.

Toward the back wall of the expansion, cold-cases chill organic produce, local whole milk and a small pantry of other items. Nearby are stands with more books -- a unique collection of "How to create" books.

A small museum-room is nearing completion, and Valleyford Historical Society members have high hopes of filling it with photographs, memorabilia and history to commemorate several ghost towns that attained prominence with the coming of the railroad during the previous century.

Ask this remarkable lady about her hat collection, that adorns the walls. Be aware that since Elaine doesn't employ helpers, she may not have time to enchant you with her recollections of how she acquired each one. But if you're lucky -- you won't be disappointed, for she's a Toast Master of distinction.

In her December newsletter, Elaine invites you to stop by "when you need a little respite from the hustle and bustle of this season and enjoy a hot drink or munch a delicious panini."

Elaine hosts numerous artists' receptions throughout the year, and under the auspices of this ingenious lady, each reception is a thrilling event. An artist's reception for Gretchen Wilson Paukert, Friday, December 9, 2011, 5:00 p.m. -7:00 p.m. will showcase Grechen's art. It includes hand-painted lamp shades, metal leaf art and acrylic paintings on canvas, gift cards and wine charms.

When asked about the amazing success of On Sacred Grounds - Coffee and More, built near the outskirts of an almost-ghost town, where no one expected her to succeed, Elaine will tell you she's done nothing exceptional: that her accomplishments are only the result of "desperation, perspiration, and ingenuity."

In addition to those confessed attributes, Elaine has a M.Ed in special education & B.A. in English, she taught for 5 years and is a published author. She's the sole proprieter of OSG, a Notary Public, and provides free Wi-fi.
Treat yourself. Take time from your busy life to discover what this very unique business owner has accomplished in a few short years, by applying her charismatic ingenuity liberally at her charming, one-of-a-kind On Sacred Grounds - Coffee and More, at the corner of Madison and Palouse Hwy., Valleyford, Washington. You won't be disappointed.

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