Monday, October 3, 2011

Become a Marine Moms-Bethesda "Elf"

"The Holidays are right around the corner and the Marine Moms-Bethesda "Elfs" are making their lists and checking them twice!"

So reads the request for
"Holiday Cheer" cards to be given to American Heroes in the hospital. The "Elfs" will also be bringing "Holiday Cheer" to the polytrauma and spinal cord units, and to PTRP at Richmond VA Medical Center at a date to be determined.

The cards sent for Marine Moms-Bethesda should have a note written inside; for both men and women. Remember, cards without GLITTER or decorations that might fall off and get into wounds.
"All cards are screened so please don't seal the envelopes, or they may be sent without the envelope. No need to stick the flap inside of the envelope - it will save us time if we don't have to pull it out. (Saves on paper cuts too! ;) )
"Rather than mailing cards individually, more than one card may be mailed in a larger envelope or a box.
"If you wish acknowledgement that your cards were received, please include an email address. Questions? Email Jane."
Jane @ (remove spaces around the @ sign.)

Mail cards to:
Marine Moms-Bethesda
P.O. Box 22
Cordova, MD 21625

Postmark deadline for "Card Elfs" is November 15, 2011Postmark deadline for "Stocking Elfs" is November 1, 2011.
"Thank you so much for taking a few minutes to send "Holiday Cheer" to the Marines , Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen who have given so much defending our freedoms!" Jane,
Thanks also to everyone passing on the information!

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