Friday, September 30, 2011

Winners of "Cow Chip Bingo" at Southeast Spokane County Fair

Dan and Chris Thompson announced the winners of "Cow Chip Bingo" at Rockford, Wash., September 24, 2011.
"The 1st Cow Chip Bingo was a huge success; we sold 1,285 tickets out of the 1,500 printed. Winners were:
  • 1st Plop - Brian Lashaw
  • 2nd Plop - Jeff Reinhardt
  • 3rd Plop - John Walker
  • 4th Plop was on a line and was split between Larry Sieverding and Mary Jo Braaten.
"Luckily the cows cooperated and it only took 2 hours instead of the 3 1/2 allotted.  We were able to raise $3,800 to help the fair continue next year.  We've been asked to have this again next year by many people so we'll need ideas of other activities to have down at the arena for a couple hours while we're waiting for the cows to 'do what comes naturally'."
"Thank you also to the local newspaper, The North Palouse Washington e-Newcast, for the promotional articles and free advertising, and to the Gadys for the use of the cows."

Details here.

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